Take extra care of your Car. It will take care of you.

Your car is your second home and it is your duty to give it the best treatment available. Steam car detailing is one of the safest, one of the most effective, and one of the most modern methods which you should use.

Vehicle washing technologies in the workshop and its environmental impact:

The repair workshop should be aware of the environmental crisis and use new washing methodologies to save resources and money.

It seems as if our planet sent us a message of help so that we have an urgent change of habits, because water, a source of life that was believed to be infinite, has its hours counted.

The problem is that, for the repair shop, the washing of the vehicles is a fundamental hygiene issue because, when a dirty car comes in, everything around it is normally contaminated. In addition, at the end of the process, it is unacceptable for the customer to receive his dirty car.

The truth is that, currently, the process of exterior washing under pressure has average water consumption per vehicle of 46 liters. If an average workshop has a daily flow of 50 vehicles, we are talking about 2,300 liters of water that, no matter how much rain is recycled, is an unacceptable volume under current scarcity conditions.

However, if alternative methods such as steam washing or dry cleaning are adopted, natural resources are preserved without generating waste.

Steam Car Detailing – The best alternatives:

The method of dry cleaning or steam can be carried out in parallel with maintenance activities since they do not generate waste water runoff.

Inner car upholstery:

In your car seats, this steam rehydrates, conditions and restores the skin and does an incredible job on water sensitive fabrics. Soft material of your car seat can be easily cleaned without any danger with the professional steam detailing method.

In this steam method, only about 5% water uses which can easily leave the car’s surface dry and the later surface can be wiped with a microfiber cloth.

Car window cleaning:

Cleaning of car’s window using steam is much simpler than using any chemical products as it doesn’t leave any sort of marks and also this steam method is fully safe for the health of those who operate it.

Door frames and moldings:

Using steam detailing method, grease and dirt can be cleaned easily and quickly while car’s seat heat melts and stuck residue.

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